Web Content Management

This resource exists as a reference point for School of Business web content managers.


The School of Business policy for web content management basically states that each site on the School of Business domain has its own web content managers who are in charge of the content of the site. Web changes beyond that should go through the School's Office of Communications.

Activity User Web Manager Comms Office
Adding New Pages X
Editing Page Content X
Adding/Deleting Files X
Web Forms Case-by-case X
Top & Side Navigation Changes X
Footer Changes X
User Management X
Site Administrative Settings X
Adding New Online Profiles X
Online Profile Updates X


Special Content Types

Online Profiles are centralized on the School of Business main website. Your website will link out to listings on the main site. Individual users should be able to maintain their profile information.

News Feeds are centralized on the School of Business main site. Your website may link out to a page of news items specific to your area. Your site may also pull in an RSS feed of news specific to your site.

Event Calendars are driven by the University's Event Calendar System. Your site could include an RSS feed bringing in the event calendar on your footer or included on its own page.

Web Forms are created collaboratively between the program and the Office of Communications.



UITS's Aurora team has a great number of guides, including videos, for how to manage your site. Here are some which may be helpful:

Major Changes

If you are making major changes to a live page, it is suggested that you create your new page with Page Builder and save in draft mode or as a password-protected page. Once you are ready to go live, you can replace the live page with the layout from your draft.

If you are planning on deleting pages, consider if an automatic redirection should be set up. Once you delete a page, that URL will return a broken link; but if that information is hosted elsewhere, we can set up a redirect to bring that user to the page with the correct information.

If you are planning on doing a full site rehaul, please contact us for collaboration.