The Office of Communications provides marketing and communications support to the UConn School of Business, including its programs, departments, and centers. Our small, but mighty team includes a news writer, graphic designer, multimedia producer, marketing specialists, and a handful of talented students. We promote the School of Business and its talented faculty, staff, students, and alumni through many channels including print, web, email, social media, and more. We help recruit students, engage alumni, promote events, manage CRM systems, and more.

Strategic Marketing

Strategic marketing is a primary focus of the Office of Communications. Our strategy is centered around a long-term, forward-looking approach and you will often find us asking about your goals, challenges, target audience, and timeframe, so we can develop a carefully crafted strategy for you.

Whether you need to market a department, program, or event, we offer copywriting, graphic design, photography, video, and project management support. And we ensure that all pieces being produced for the School of Business are consistent – both visually and in messaging.

We also serve as UConn's brand ambassadors within the School of Business. Have questions about the proper use of a wordmark? Need a logo file? Looking to order a giveaway? We are happy to answer your questions and provide support.

News & Press

Our news team develops content for the School of Business website, UConn’s news website, UConn Today, and UConn Magazine. The team also handles media relations and story pitching with the goal of elevating the School of Business' national reputation. We proudly write stories about our talented faculty, students, staff, and alumni. We cover premiere events within the School, monitor media mentions, and more.

Have a suggestion for an engaging and compelling story?
Please provide appropriate, relevant information to allow for thoughtful consideration. Your request will be reviewed and depending on a number of factors, including the nature, size, and timing of your event, we may be able to offer news coverage. It's helpful if you can provide:

  • Intended audience  (i.e. who are you targeting the news/information to - prospective students, alumni, the general public, corporate community, etc.)
  • Suggested article title  (Tip: the shorter the better, particularly for distribution via social media)
  • A draft, summary, or bullet list of key points to include in the article
  • Photos or images to accompany the article, with suggested captions
  • Approved quote(s) from subject matter experts or key people mentioned in the article*

Please ensure the accuracy and spelling of all information submitted including names, titles, alumni status/year, dates, program names, etc.

Accepted submissions will be edited for style and content, as well as adherence to UConn’s editorial standards and guidelines.

Responding to Requests from the Media or External Parties
UConn and the School of Business adhere to an established University Policy on Communication with External Media. This policy gathers existing University policies regarding communication with external media into one accessible statement while also reaffirming the University’s continuing commitment to the principles of academic freedom. It applies to the administration, faculty, staff, and all other employees, including student employees, at all campuses and programs. It incorporates policies on three distinct but related situations:

  1. Requests for Official University Position or Response
  2. Requests for Faculty regarding Subject Matter Expertise
  3. Personal Speech

For more information, contact University Communications at (860) 486-0871. Their key media contacts are a wonderful resource.

Email + CRM

Our team manages a wide array of emails that go out on a daily basis including:

  • Weekly news briefing
  • Monthly "Business Today" email to faculty, staff, alumni, and prospective students
  • Graduate program emails to prospective students
  • Event promotions

We are happy to consult departments interested in email initiatives on resources and best practices.

Our office also manages the School's use of a CRM system for graduate admissions to ensure consistent brand management, user experience, and administrative ease. We work closely with each graduate program and UConn's graduate school on:

    • Online applications
    • Email communication plans
    • Admission and recruitment policies
    • Admission event registration
    • Reporting


Our multimedia producer creates high quality photographs, video, and audio for strategic marketing initiatives, social media,  and premiere School of Business events. He also captures faculty and staff portraits*, oversees digital asset management, and manages the content on display monitors throughout our buildings.

Have an idea or event to recommend?
Please email us at at least four weeks in advance. We will be happy to review your submission, however we cannot guarantee coverage. (If we are able to cover, the time is restricted to the most pertinent elements of the event given the final use of the imagery, usually not to exceed one hour.) 

Photos from your event can be placed into a flickr album for sharing, and images will be transferred via WeTransfer or Dropbox. In the special case that you would like a high resolution photograph for print, you can contact us directly for a copy.

In the event that we cannot provide coverage, we may be able to offer direction, equipment to borrow, or preferred vendors to work with. If you choose to contact a vendor, please include the following information:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Hours Needed
  • Turn Around Time Requested
  • Specific Photo Requests (Candid vs. Posed, Need Backdrop vs. None, etc.)
  • Delivery Format (preferred file transfer)

If you choose to borrow camera equipment, we offer:

  • Canon DSLR with 17-120 lens, SD card, external flash
  • Canon point and shoot

Faculty and Staff Headshots:
* Headshots are not arranged on an individual basis, but we do set up a portrait studio once or twice a year. The University also offers free faculty portraits most Thursday mornings from 8:30-9:00am in the Lakeside Building. Please check in with Peter Morenus early in the week to confirm his ability.


Please note: We rarely produce video using video captured by others due to inconsistency in quality and style.

Graphic Design

Our talented graphic designer creates a range of materials in line with UConn and School of Business brand standards that include:

  • Informational and marketing materials (e.g. brochures, info sheets, annual reports)
  • Advertising campaigns – including print, web, and display advertisements
  • Display materials (e.g. banners, wall clings)
  • Logos for academic departments, centers, and offices
  • Templates (e.g. Powerpoint, info sheets, etc.)
  • Printer specifications


The Communications team oversees the School of Business' websites and manages web content managers.

Social Media

The Communications team manages the School of Business' main social media accounts. We also provide oversight, support, and best practices to entities within the School of Business.



Our office works with publications and media placement companies to pursue advertising campaigns that support the School of Business' major initiatives. Campaigns may include placement in radio, print, billboards, web, social media, and other related areas.

Event Calendars

Wondering how to get the word out about your next big event? Have a School of Business event that we should know about? Connect with us for support getting your event listed on the right University calendars.