Student Organization Websites

Student organizations affiliated with the School of Business but not affiliated as a Registered Student Organization (RSO) with UConn's Department of Student Activities may have their organization website hosted on the School of Business domain. Generally, this only affects graduate business student organizations as undergraduate student organizations are typically an RSO.


  • Student organization websites must be built within the Aurora content management system.
  • The student organization is responsible for managing all of their content and administrative needs.
  • The site must retain at least one user from each of the following groups as an administrative user on the site
    • School's Communications Department staff (e.g., Marie LeBlanc)
    • School's IT department staff (e.g., Chris Zissis)
    • Organization's faculty/staff advisor

Process for New Sites

  1. Student organization requests a website from the School's Office of Communications. Organization must provide
    • NetIDs of the administrators for the site
    • Preferred domain name
    • Agreement to the above policy
  2. Office of Communication will
    • Request development site from UITS
    • Add administrative users
  3. Student organization will
    • Attend UITS Aurora training (highly encouraged but not required)
    • Set up their site, including content and administrative settings
    • Review that their site meets the Accessibility requirements
    • Review that their site meets the Go Live requirements
    • Request Go Live from the Office of Communications
  4. Office of Communication will
    • Review site for Go Live and Accessibility requirements
    • Review site for any questionable content or design choices
    • If site doesn't pass review, return the process to Step 3 above
    • If site passes review, work with UITS and the School's IT to "Go Live"

Go Live

Please build in time for review when you request Go-Live.

Once a site is approved for review, the Office of Communication will notify UITS and the School's IT who require a 1 business day "heads up."

Sites only go live on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

Example: For a site to go live on a Monday, the Office of Communication will send notice to UITS/IT by the previous Thursday.