Web Content Manager List

Please also refer to the overview on website management.

Requesting Web Changes

If you'd like to request a change to the content of a website, please contact that site's Web Content Manager. See the list below for the appropriate person.

All requests above and beyond content management (e.g., navigation, user management, web forms, etc.) should be sent to communications@business.uconn.edu.

Web Content Managers (List)

Site Content Manager Other Editors
75th Anniversary Office of Communications
Academic Vision Office of Communications
Accelerate UConn
Managed by CCEI
Rae Asselin
  • Jessica McBride
  • Michelle Cote
  • Tim Folta
Accounting Department Cassandra Moore
  • James Sinclair
  • Nancy Crouch (Contributor)
Business Law Nancy White Robin Coulter
Business Writing Center Jeffrey Roberts
Career Development Office
  • Kathy Hendrickson
  • Katherine Duncan (Graduate)
  • Susan Landolina
  • Meg Warren
  • Theodore Menounos
Center for the Advancement of Business Analytics (CABA) John Wilson
  • Jan Stallaert
  • James Marsden
  • Sonu Chhabra
Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) Arminda Kamphausen
  • Michele Metcalf
  • Alexander Sadowski
Center for Real Estate and Urban Economic Studies (CRUES) Ryan Thibodeau
Jeffrey Eng (in-training)
  • John Glasock
  • Debbie Philips
Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis (CCEA) Fred Carstensen
Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CCEI)
Managed by CCEI
Rae Asselin Michelle Cote
Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV) Michael Zacchea
Executive Education Michael Bozzi Moira Rosek
Executive MBA Program Michael Bozzi Jessica Baker
Experiential Learning Collaborative Greg Kivenzor
Family Business Program Office of Communications Anne Trager
Robin Bienemann
Finance Department Blaine Aponte
  • Laurel Grisamer
  • Grace Gagnon
  • Mark Kugler
  • Joel Thomas (Contributor)
  • Nancy Crouch (Contributor)
Geno Auriemma UConn Leadership Conference Scott Slater
Graduate Business Learning Center (GBLC) Kevin McMahon
Graduate Programs Kim Lachut Melissa Ferrigno
Graduate Programs in Human Resource Management Moira Rosek Cheri Dondero
Jessica Baker
Graduate Program in Risk Management Jose Aponte
  • Katherine Ruiz
  • Laurissa Berk
Healthcare Management & Insurance Studies Elaine Holman Juliette Shellman
Information Technology (IT) Department Chris Hewitt
  • Chris Buckridge
  • Chris Forte
  • John Rhoads
Innovation Quest (iQ) Pam Costa
  • Rich Dino
  • Carina Zamudio
Management Department Pam Costa
  • Tim Folta
  • Nancy Crouch (Contributor)
Management & Engineering for Manufacturing
Managed by the School of Engineering
Chris LaRosa
Management Information Systems
Marketing Department Nancy White
  • Robin Coulter
  • Nancy Crouch (Contributor)
MBA Program Ryan Baldassario
  • Kim Lachut
  • Laine Kingo
  • Mary Caravella
  • Meg Warren
  • Suresh Nair
  • Lisa Lombardo
MS in Accounting Erika Durning  
MS in Business Analytics and Project Management Lynsi Jennings
  • Jose Cruz
  • Meghan Hanrahan
  • Sonu Chhabra
Office of Alumni Relations Amanda Spada
  • Aileen Tobin
  • Barbara Frandeen
  • Brandon Dendas
  • Frances Graham
  • Katherine Ruiz
  • Nathan Ives
  • Olivia Rossetti
  • Tina Pierce
  • Taylor Vanfleet
Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) Seanice DeShields Michael Mallory
Office of Undergraduate Advising Alana Adams
  • Brandy Nelson
  • Kayla McNickle
  • Juanita Austin
  • June Foran
  • Kristin Glinzak
Operations and Information Management Department Jonathan Moore
  • Radhika Kanaskar
  • Hootan Kashi
  • Nancy Crouch (Contributor)
  • Tamilla Mavlanova (Contributor)
Part-time MBA Program Brianna Braun  
Perspectives (Blog) Office of Communications Melissa Ferrigno
Ph.D. in Business Nancy Crouch
School of Business Office of Communications
Student Managed Fund Laurel Grisamer
  • Ana Peralta
  • Alec Pisanelli
  • Blaine Aponte
  • Grace Gagnon
  • Jack Leyland
  • Sergio Garcia
  • Veronica Schorr
Sustainable Community Outreach and Public Engagement (SCOPE) Wynd Harris
Workforce Capacity Development (WCD) Michael Bozzi Kevin Thompson


Global Administrative Users

All sites managed by the School of Business (e.g., not MEM, CCEI, individual faculty websites, or student groups) have a set list of global administrative users from the School's IT and Office of Communications to oversee administration, brand, and consistency across all official School of Business websites. These users are:

  • Marie LeBlanc
  • Michael Deotte
  • Melissa Ferrigno
  • Hamza Khan
  • Alex delCampo
  • Chris Zissis

Best Practices

At least two members of a department, program or center should have access and training to be able to manage their webpages.  One web content manager will be designated the primary contact.

Web Content Managers are encouraged to review the content on their webpages on an ongoing basis.  Any time a major change happens, such as the addition or programs or policy changes, the web content manager should make sure that the website is updated appropriately.

At least twice a year a full review should be completed to ensure accuracy of the information; a suggested timeframe would be during the summer and during winter break.

Changing Navigation

Changes to navigation must be sent to communications@business.uconn.edu so that an Administrative user can review and update the navigation.

When placing new navigation items, Administrative users take into account:

  • the amount of navigation items currently on the site,
  • what contextually makes sense for the user experience, and
  • any standards for uniformity across all of the School's sites.

Blank or TBD/Under Construction pages are never added to live navigation.

Testing or Draft Pages

Blank, TBD, and Under Construction pages should never be published live.  Any page that is published is automatically searchable and is listed on your site's A-Z index.

If you are working on a page, please save your updates in Draft mode and Preview your changes. Once you are satisfied that the page is ready, you may publish.

If you are working on a page which needs to be reviewed by someone who is not a web content editor of the site, you may publish the page with a password.  Note that once this page is published, it will be listed in the site's A-Z index, so pay careful attention to your page title.  Once you are satisfied that the page is ready, remove the password protection and publish.