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The Office of Communications encourages news and story submissions from all around the School of Business community, including news tips, photos, written stories and blog posts. All story submissions will be considered, with priority given to those which support the School’s mission and academic vision. All other stories will be considered on a case-by-case basis, taking into account space and resource limitations.

Submitting News and Information

Rather than drafting a story to send to the Office of Communications, we encourage news submission through the electronic form below. The easy-to-follow form prompts for all relevant information necessary for our writers to effectively develop an engaging and compelling story. 

Information requested includes:

  • Intended audience  (i.e. who are you targeting the news/information to - Prospective students? Alumni? General public? Corporate community? Other?)
  • Suggested article title  (Tip: the shorter the better, particularly for distribution via social media)
  • A draft, summary, or bullet list of key points to include in the article*
  • Photos or images to accompany the article, with suggested captions*  
    Approved quote(s) from subject matter experts or key people mentioned in the article*

      *Please ensure the accuracy and spelling of all information submitted including names, titles, alumni status/year, dates, program names, etc.

Accepted submissions will be edited for style and content, as well as adherence to UConn’s editorial standards and guidelines.

Photo submissions must meet the specifications provided and may be cropped depending on size and space limitations. Additionally, complete information about individuals in the photo, the date of the photo, and whom to credit for the photo, must be submitted to be considered for publication.  

Once approved for publication, it will appear on relevant School of Business website pages, may be distributed via select social media platforms, and will be reviewed for inclusion in the monthly School of Business e-Magazine (UConn Business) and on UConn Today.

Requesting News or Story Coverage

There are many interesting business school stories and events unfolding on a daily basis across all UConn campuses. Though the Office of Communications would like to cover them all, the reality is that only a select few can be covered.

If you would like to have staff members from the Office of Communications cover your news or event on location, simply submit a request to Please provide appropriate, relevant information on your request to allow for thoughtful consideration. Your request will be reviewed and depending on a number of factors, including the nature, size and timing of your event, we may be able to offer news coverage.

If we are unable to fulfill your request, however, we will of course encourage you to submit the information via our convenient online form below.

Responding to Requests from External Media/Parties

The University adheres to an established University Policy on Communications with External Media. This policy gathers existing University policies regarding employee communication with external media into one accessible statement while also reaffirming the University’s continuing commitment to the principles of academic freedom. It incorporates policies on three distinct but related situations:

  1. Requests for Official University Position or Response
  2. Requests for Faculty regarding Subject Matter Expertise
  3. Personal Speech

The Policy on Communications with External Media applies to the administration, faculty, staff, and all other employees, including student employees, at all campuses and programs. Please take a moment to review the full policy at:

For more information, contact: University Communications at (860) 486-0871.

News Submission Form