UConn Daily Digest Guidelines

The following guidelines are for School of Business faculty, staff, or students who wish to submit news, events, or other important announcements to the Daily Digest.

Please note that The Daily Digest is only for events and announcements that are officially sponsored or sanctioned by or affiliated with the University.


Submission Requirements

  • Daily Digest items must be submitted at least two days in advance.
  • The Daily Digest is only for events and announcements that are officially sponsored or sanctioned by or affiliated with the University.
  • Offensive language and posts dealing with non-University content will be denied.
  • Submissions without a title will be denied.
  • Forwarded or reply-formatted messages will be denied.
  • Submissions will be denied after being published three times per month per Daily Digest. Submissions are defined as a Daily Digest/UConn Health Lifeline post that is promoting a specific event, program, or opportunity. Please note that title changes for the same event do not constitute new submission maximums. UConn Health Lifeline does not follow the three date submission limit.
  • Target your messages to the intended audience; messages written to students will not be accepted for the Faculty/Staff Daily Digest.

Please visit the Daily Digest website for a full list of requirements and best practices.

How to Submit

The UConn Faculty/Staff Daily Digest is delivered weekdays at 11 a.m. to all faculty, staff and graduate students across all campuses, including the Schools of Law and Social Work. The Student Daily Digest is sent to undergraduate and BGS students at the Storrs and regional campuses. All submissions are screened by official Moderators/Editors, who reserve the right to edit postings for consistency and clarity.

To submit your item to the Daily Digest:

  • Go to dailydigest.uconn.edu
  • Click "Submit Announcement."
  • You will be prompted to login with your NetID information. (Find your NetID.)
  • Choose whether you would like your announcement to appear in the Faculty/Staff Daily Digest, Student Daily Digest, or UConn Health Lifeline*.
  • Choose the date you would like your announcement to appear.
  • Provide a headline (limited to 50 characters or less).
  • Select a category for your announcement.
  • You may provide a direct URL link for more information, or enter a description.
  • Preview your announcement, where you will be given the option to edit or submit.
  • Be sure to submit your announcement once it's finalized.
  • Once you have submitted your announcement, you may re-submit it to another issue.

*The UConn Health Lifeline is distributed to UConn Health faculty, staff, and students, and should be used for announcements specific to the UConn Health Farmington campus.

Daily Digest FAQs

For frequently asked questions pertaining to the UConn Daily Digest, including which listservs are included, subscription options, making corrections, holiday schedules, and more, visit the FAQ page.

To view past issues of the Daily Digest, the following collections are available: