Communicating to UConn Audiences

The following resources are available for sending messages to both specific to the School of Business community as well as the overall UConn community:

The resources below are external to the School of Business.

The Daily Campus

Audience: Approx. 24,000 students, faculty, and staff (Storrs and Greater Hartford)

The Daily Campus newspaper will run ads at a cost. Refer to the Daily Campus Advertising Rates manual to decide on the size, day and frequency your ad will run. Contact the Daily Campus Business Department for more information.

The Daily Digest

To reach the University community via email, anyone with a NetID may submit items to the Faculty/Staff Daily Digest and/or the Student Daily Digest. These are consolidated notices to the University community delivered weekdays via email at 11 a.m.

UConn Daily Digest Guidelines

Display Showcase (Student Union)

Audience: Students (Storrs)

There is one display case along Union Street in the Student Union that can be reserved to advertise for your organization. The shelf is 30″ x 15″, so there are many possibilities when choosing your items. Reserve your showcase by contacting the Event Services Office. The showcase can be reserved for one week at a time.

Please note: Showcases are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Residence Halls

Audience: Students (Storrs)

Residence halls have bulletin boards and other designated spaces for posting event flyers. Create your flyer and be sure that it includes your organization name, date and time of event and contact information. Bring your flyers to the appropriate Complex Coordinator of the Residence Hall where you wish to have it hung.

Please note: Flyers must be received at least 5-7 working days prior to when you would like them posted.

Shuttle Buses

Audience: Students (Storrs)

The University has an extensive bus system that uses six different routes a day. Twenty-one buses have the capacity to offer overhead advertising, allowing exposure to about 58,000 passengers a week. Design and print 19 bus ads that are EITHER 11″L x 24″W with 1/2″ margins on the top and bottom or 11″x17″ with 1/2″ margins on the top and bottom. They should also be laminated or backed with a strong flexible material. (Printing and laminating can be done by Document Productions for a fee). Be sure to contact the Coordinator of Advertising to ensure that there is available space.

Table Tents (Now known as Digital Advertising)

Audience: Students (Storrs)

All 8 dining units have digital ads that are viewed on screens in the units. Whitney Dining has 1 screen, the other 7 units have at least 2 or more screens. Customer designs own ad or emails information to Dining’s Marketing Dept. to design. The ad size should be 1280 pixels wide x 720 pixels high (approx. 17 1/2″ wide x 9 3/4″). Ads must be submitted in jpg format.

  • Cost: Varies. See “Ad Pricing” on Dining Services’ Digital Advertising website
  • Web: Dining Services Advertising
  • Contact:

Please note: Make a reservation for your table tent far in advance as the reservations tend to fill up quickly.

UCTV Channel

Audience: Students (Storrs)

UCTV is a student-run television station that broadcasts on “HUSKYvision” channel 14. You can contact UCTV to create a commercial for your organization. Provide the advertising director with information about the event and any ideas that you may have for the commercial. You may also create your own commercial and submit it to UCTV.

Please note: Contact the advertising director at least one month in advance of when you would like the commercial to air.

WHUS Radio Station

Audience: Students, Faculty, Staff (Storrs)

WHUS is a non-commercial college radio station broadcasting on 91.7 FM at 4,400 watts to Connecticut, Southern Massachusetts and Western Rhode Island. The FM signal also streams online and is accessible on the WHUS Radio smartphone app.

WHUS will announce events as public service announcements. Please submit your event at least 3 weeks before the start date, providing the following information:

Your name
Contact email
Name of your organization
Date(s) and time of your event
Location of your event
Details of your event