Display Monitors

Display monitors are television screens which rotate messages pertinent to the UConn School of Business audience.

Monitor Locations

Campus Location
Storrs BUSN South Atrium (3)
Storrs BUSN  North Atrium (2)
Storrs BUSN UG Center (1)
Storrs BUSN IT Helpdesk (2)
Storrs BUSN Global Programs (1)
Storrs BUSN Lounge (2)
Storrs BCLC Dorms
Storrs BUSN Dean's Office (1)
Stamford MBA Office (1)
Stamford Rotunda (2)
GBlC 5th Floor (3)
GBLC 6th Floor (3)



The display monitor system is supported by the UITS.

The monitor hardware is supported by the School of Business IT office.

Message scheduling and approval are supported by the School of Business Office of Communications.

Special Messages

In addition to the general content on the display monitors -- which often include the School's news RSS feed, the School's social media activity, weather, the School's event calendar RSS feed -- special messages can be displayed on these monitors.

Options for having a message displayed on the monitors include:

  • You may submit your own slide in JPG format using the form below
  • You may request that a text-only slide be created for you using the form below

Special Message Types

  • Greetings/Welcome to students or special guests to the School
  • Event promotions for School of Business audiences
  • Announcements for School of Business audiences
  • News for School of Business audiences

Request a Text-only Slide

UConn faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to fill out the following form to initiate requests for slides to be created for display on School of Business display monitors. A member of our staff will review your submission and follow up accordingly. All slides are created as text-only. The slide will not be provided for review and approval before posting.

Submit Your Special Message Design

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Size: 1920 x 1080 pixels (26.7″ x 15″)

Supported file types

  • Image files:
    • Preferred: JPG, GIF
    • Also accepted: TIF, PNG, PDF
  • Movie files (no sound available):
    • Preferred: FLA, SWF
    • Also accepted: MOV, AVI

 Tip: Creating Your Files

Create your file at the proper size and save as an acceptable file type, e.g:

  • Publisher > Save as JPG
  • PowerPoint > Save as JPG
  • Word > Save as PDF
  • Photoshop > Save as JPG

Required Information

Your creative must include:

  • A heading (e.g., event/message title)
  • Copy that clearly states who the audience of the message is for
  • Contact/More Information (email, website, office location or phone number)

Slide Submission Form

Please email business.communications@uconn.edu to inquire about running a slide on the School of Business display monitors.