Please see the University's policy on Wordmark and Logos.

For visual marks for events and special initiatives, contact communications@business.uconn.edu.

Download Logo Sets

Logo sets are available as JPG, PNG, and EPS files.

Entity View Online Download Files
ABC in Accounting View Download
ABC in Business Analytics View  Download
Accounting View Download
Alumni & Development View Download
Business School View Download
Business Law View  Download
CABA View Download
CCEA View Download
CCEI View Download
CITI View Download
ELC View Download
EMBA View Download
Eversource View Download
Executive Education View Download
Family Business Programs View Download
Finance Department View Download
Financial Accelerator View Download
Full-time MBA View Download
GBLC View Download
GE Global Learning View Download
Global Business Programs View Download
Graduate Programs View  Download
Graduate Career Development Office View Download
GRM View Download
Healthcare Management & Insurance Studies View Download
Healthcare Programs View Download
Innovation Accelerator View Download
IT View Download
Management Department View Download
Marketing Department View Download
MBA Program View Download
MEM View  Download
MSA View Download
MSFRM View Download
MSBAPM View Download
MSHRM View Download
Office of Diversity Initiatives View  Download
Office of the Dean View Download
Office of Communications View Download
Office of Development View Download
OPIM Department View Download
Part-time MBA View Download
Ph D Program View Download
Professional Sales Leadership View Download
Center for Real Estate View Download
Risk Management Programs View Download
SCOPE View Download
SLA View Download
Student Managed Fund View Download
Treibick Electronic Commerce Initiative View Download
Undergraduate Advising View Download
Undergraduate Center View Download
Undergraduate Career Development View Download
VITA View Download
Women in Business View Download
Workforce Capacity Development View Download
xCITE event View Download

Available Formats

Logos are available in the following styles.

  • Side-by-side
  • Stacked

Note: logos using the oakleaf are not longer compliant.


Each format of the School's logo are offered with the following color options:

  • Full color
  • All UConn Blue
  • All black
  • All white

File type

Depending on the end-use of the logo, our office can prepare for you the appropriate file type, which includes:

  • High-res .JPG - for designs being printed in-house of through external vendors
  • Vector (.EPS) - for printing on materials (e.g., large-format banners, t-shirts, pents) and for external graphic designers
  • Low-/web-resolution .JPG - for digital-use materials such as websites, display monitors, emails, PowerPoint presentations, etc and for printing in-house
  • . GIF - These files are appropriate for digital-use only when the image must have a transparent background.

We can assist you in choosing the appropriate file type for the job you are doing.

Secondary Logos

Secondary logos have been approved by University Communications for the following entities. Please contact them for use of their logo.

  • UConn CIBER
  • Connecticut Information Technology Institute

Other Branding Marks

University wordmark

The University wordmarks are available in three types: vertical arrangement, horizontal arrangement, and the simple wordmark. Similar to the School of Business logo, the University logo is available in full color, all UConn blue, all black, or white. For full guidelines on how to use the wordmark, see brand.uconn.edu. A zip file of University logos are available for download. If you need assistance choosing the appropriate wordmark to use, contact communications@business.uconn.edu.


The University seal and the School of Business seal are limited-use only. Always check with the Office of Communications for approval before using the seal on any document or materials (communications@business.uconn.edu).

Oak leaf

The oak leaf is a secondary graphic symbol for UConn and can now be used as either an identifying mark on its own or as a design element. Guidelines for using the oakleaf can be found at Brand.uconn.edu.

Husky Pride and Husky Dog

The Husky Dog logo is reserved only for athletic uniforms and retail merchandise.

The Husky Pride logo can be used on promotional products, apparal, signage only with approval from Athletics. Please contact communications@business.uconn.edufor assistance getting approval. The Husky Pride logo can be used in UConn email signatures without the need for approval.

Custom wordmarks/Third-level entities

Established wordmarks have been created for the University and its Schools, Colleges, and regional campuses. For all other entities, personalized wordmarks can be created. Right now these are being created as the need arises. If you have a need for a custom wordmark, please contact communications@business.uconn.edu.


University-branded stationary, including letterhead, envelopes, and business cards, can be purchased through Kuali.

"Homemade" logos

All users are restricted from creating new logos separate from the University standards. This includes visuals that imply the look of a University logo. If you have a usage question, contact communications@business.uconn.edu; we will be happy to advise you.

Placement and Resizing


When placing a file on a background other than white, use a PNG or EPS file to avoid having a white box around the wordmark. If you are using a program such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, save the file on your desktop and then insert from within the program. You may not have the capability to view the file just by clicking on the downloaded file; this does not mean that you are not able to place it into a document.


When using a JPG or PNG file, to maintain the integrity of the graphic, please do not scale the original larger than its original size. If a larger mark is needed than what the original file size provides, please use the EPS files (vector art), as scaling will not affect the quality of these files. To scale a photo while still maintaining the correct aspect ratio, hold the shift key down while dragging the corner of the image.