Myriad Pro — the type family selected for the School of Business digital copy (e.g., website, online advertisements) and marketing materials.  This font is available through Adobe Creative Suite and other programs.
Arial — when Myriad Pro is not an option, Arial is an appropriate choice.
Adobe Garamond Pro - the type family of UConn's previous wordmark may be used when serif fonts are preferable.  This font is preferably used in headlines and printed copy.
Other fonts - Outside of these minor restrictions, simply utilize discretion when choosing fonts that complement the UConn brand. 

University Standards

Please see the University's brand standards for fonts for up-to-date policies and guides.

Font selection for copy in letters, marketing pieces, etc. is largely unrestricted. However, there are certain typefaces that do have use limitations in order to maintain brand integrity.

University of Connecticut Extended — the unique and custom typeface designed for the UConn primary wordmark, used by the University, UConn Athletics, and UConn Health. When used as part of the Brand Identity System, the words ‘UCONN,’ ‘Huskies,’ and ‘University of Connecticut’ appear in University of Connecticut Extended. In these cases, the font is considered a graphic as opposed to type.
Gotham — the typeface selected for the ‘University of Connecticut’ type in the primary wordmark, and established custom wordmarks for UConn Health, Schools, Colleges, and regional campuses. Usage of the Gotham font family is permitted on institutional communications, but is not mandated. Do not use Gotham or a look-alike font that resembles Gotham to create a personalized wordmark. To create a personalized wordmark, please contact your School or College’s communications/marketing representative or email
Arial — the typeface selected for personalized custom wordmarks for departments and affiliated groups. This font is editable and should be used as a complement to the wordmark system. 

Outside of these minor restrictions, simply utilize discretion when choosing fonts that complement the UConn brand. 

Please note that when used in cases other than the wordmark, the word UConn should simply be written as ‘UConn’ not ‘UCONN’. Likewise, the words UConn Health should simply be written as ‘UConn Health’ not ‘UCONN Health’ or ‘UCONN HEALTH’. 

General Guide

Serif fonts

Examples: Adobe Garamond Pro, Century, Georgia, Perpetua, Times New Roman

  • have embellishments (serifs)
  • easier to read in print; great as headlines
  • not ideal at small font sizes

Sans Serif

Examples: Arial, Calibri, Franklin Gothic, Myriad, Tahoma

  • do not have serifs
  • easy to read on the web/screen
  • ideal at small font sizes

Best Practices

  • Preferably, use no more than two font families on one page
  • Generally, use Sans Serif on the web and Serif fonts in print
  • For a Western audience, fonts and copy usually read best when aligned left for readability.
  • Use bold/italic versions of a font sparingly because if you emphasize everything, you emphasize nothing.