Social Media Guidelines

Social media at the UConn School of Business is an important part of how we communicate with our students, alumni, faculty, staff, and other key audiences.

The following guidelines are for School of Business employees who manage social networks on behalf of UConn. UConn employees outside of the School of Business should contact the marketing liaison for their School, College, division, or campus for further information.


Creating New Social Media Accounts

Before creating a new account, you should seek written approval from the marketing liaison for the School of Business, Michael Deotte.

Accounts associated with the School of Business should follow UConn's University Guidelines for Social Media.

Account Management

Any School of Business social media account should be administered by two full-time faculty or staff members. While students are welcome and encouraged to contribute, they should be identified as such and posts should be approved by designated faculty or staff prior to posting live.


It is important to comply with existing institutional, state, and national policies. Please consider the policies outlined in the Official Faculty and Staff Handbook, the Employee Code of Conduct and The Student Code.

Faculty and staff should also review the University's Social Media Policy.


The content that you post is public, so never post anything that you would not be willing to see published or broadcast. If you make a mistake, acknowledge your error and correct it as quickly as possible. Avoid oversimplifying or sensationalizing issues.

Any messages that might be perceived as the "voice" or position of the University should be approved by University Communications.

Any messages that might be perceived as the "voice" or position of the School of Business should be approved by the School of Business Office of Communications.

Please consider the University's Brand Standards and Editorial Guidelines when writing captions, comments, etc.

  • For example: When used in written format, as opposed to a wordmark, UConn should appear as UConn, not UCONN. UCONN is only capitalized in the wordmark system.


Content (e.g. comments) that is positive or negative, favorable or unfavorable, must be allowed. As a University, we support our community's freedom to voice their thoughts and opinions. However, if the content is offensive, threatening, or obscene, we can reserve the right to delete content. We also do not allow commercial promotion. Here is the disclaimer that is currently used on UConn's Facebook page in the About section:

"We reserve the right to remove content that we determine is offensive, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene or otherwise objectionable or violates any party's intellectual property or Facebook's Terms of Use. Advertising or any form of commercial promotion or solicitation is not allowed on this page."

The UConn School of Business Office of Communications may review and make changes to posts at its discretion. Changes may include, but are not limited to, correcting spelling errors, faculty names/titles, department names, center names, and removing offensive or obscene material.

The UConn School of Business Office of Communications reserves the right to revoke access to the School's social media accounts at its discretion.

If in question of whether something is appropriate to share, email