Updating Your Online Profile

Please refer to the overview for Online Profiles.

Accessing Your Profile Page

The first step to updating your online profile is logging into the site by clicking "Webmaster Login" at www.business.uconn.edu.

The direct link is: www.business.uconn.edu/wp-admin.

Login using your NetID credentials.

To access your people page from the administration panel, you will want to navigate to the "People" option on the left.

Note: Using the "Profile" link will only update your back-end account profile, and not your public-facing profile. Make sure you are using the "People" section of the back-end.

Updating Your Profile Page


After reaching the People section, Click on your name to edit your profile.

After editing, make sure to use the "Update" button on the top right of your edit profile page so save all changes.


First Name and Last Name are required fields. Changes to these fields will change the URL of your profile.

Middle Name is also an available field.

Title and Department

First Name and Last Name are required fields. Changes to these fields will change the URL of your profile.

Middle Name is also an available field.Please list your primary title and department.  If you have a need to list multiple titles or departments, you may separate them by including a semi-colon so that they appear on different lines.


The About section is appropriate for information such as your

  • biography
  • professional history
  • research interests
  • publication list

Please do not add:

  • profile photos
  • any file uploads (including CVs, recent publication files, etc.)

Using the Visual Editor to edit this section is recommended. However, the Text Editor and PageBuilder features are available for advanced users.  The UITS Web Dev team offers guides on using the Visual Editor.

Profiles are not meant to host class materials or be used as a website.  If a faculty member would like to include multiple pages of information or file uploads beyond their CV, they are encouraged to create their own faculty website.

File (e.g. CV)

Your online profile allows for one file upload.  It is recommended that this upload field be used for your CV or resume.  A PDF file is recommended so that it is accessible to a greater number of users.

  • Click on "Add File" to launch the Media Library.
  • Click on the "Upload Files" tab at the top left corner of the screen, and either Drag & Drop in your new file or click "Select Files", and add your CV from there.
  • Your new CV will now show up selected in the Media Library. Click "Select" at the bottom right corner of the screen for your file to be added to your profile. Make sure that the information corresponding to your file is correct.  
  • When ready, click "Insert into post" on the bottom right, and the media file will be linked into your about section

You may also edit the label for the media file so that the link is descriptive. The default label is "File" however if you have uploaded your CV, you may change the label to "CV".

Contact Information

Editable fields for contact information include:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Phone (alternate)
  • Fax
  • Mailing Address
  • Office Location
  • Campus
  • Office Hours

If information isn't provided, the field will not appear.

Profile Image

Images cropped to a square are preferred, but not required. Your profile photo will be shown more fully on your profile page, but in user listings, it will be automatically cropped to a square.  

It is preferable that your profile image be optimized for web. High-resolution full-size images are not needed for your online profile. A maximum of 600 pixels on either height or width would suffice.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the right sidebar of editing your profile page and find your picture.
  2. If there is no picture there already, click "Set featured image." If there is a photo already there that you would like to update, click "Remove featured image", and then click "Set featured image."
  3. In the window that pops up, click on the "Upload Files" tab at the top left of the screen, and either Drag & Drop your file into the box, or click "Select Files" and add your photo from there. After you upload your photo, it will automatically be selected in the Media Library tab.
  4. Click "Set featured image" on the bottom right of the window.


Use the Link field to provide an external link for more information, such as your faculty website or LinkedIn profile.

Do Not Edit

If you are able to see the following fields, please do not edit them.

  • Page Status
  • Page Visibility
  • Page Published On
  • Permalink
  • Attributes
  • Groups
  • Tags