Online Profiles

School of Business faculty, staff, and Ph.D. students should have their own public-facing online page. All faculty, staff, and Ph.D. profiles are consolidated on the main School of Business website and should not appear on School sites other than the main site.  

Full-time MBA students have basic profile information on the MBA website. 


The online people profile is a single page profile which brings in information such as name, title, phone number, and email, as well as providing a large white space for profile content, a file area for CVs/Resumes, and a profile image area.  

Profiles are not meant to host class materials or be used as a website.  If a faculty member would like to include multiple pages of information, they are encouraged to create their own faculty website.

These profiles are able to be automatically grouped into user listings by department, program, and type. 

When a user has a profile page linked to them, their name will be clickable on user listings, which directs to their people profile page.  

Edit your profile

Brief instructions:

  1. Log in to using your NetID and Password.  This link also appears at the bottom of, labeled "Webmaster Login."  Full-time MBA students should use
  2. Navigate to "People", then select your name to edit the page.
  3. Edit any necessary content
  4. Make your updates, and choose Update
  5. Your changes will automatically be live

Download the PDF

Requesting a new profile page

First, search for your profile on the UConn School of Business main site.

If you do not find your online profile, email with the following information to request a new profile:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Department
  • NetID