For printing materials, the Office of Communications may handle:

  • providing technical specifications
  • design of print-ready creative files
  • consult on printing options

Document Production Center

UConn's Document Production Center is a print vendor internal to UConn, which means that soliciting a quote is not necessary.

The Design and Document Production Center and Mail Services can help with:

  • Printing
  • Graphic Design
  • Mailing

External Vendors

Some print projects require printing services from external vendors. Processes for procuring services from external vendors are set by University Purchasing, and their policies supercede any listed here.

Requesting Quotes

When using an external printer to produce materials,  request three quotes from qualified vendors and select the lowest quote. It is suggested that the quotes come from vendors of a similar category. All vendors must be given identical printer specifications.

At what point should I request quotes?

When you know the final quantity and printing specifications of your project, you should start identifying vendors and requesting quotes. You cannot request a quote without the final uniform printing specifications, but you do not need to wait until the design is finalized. When putting together a timeline for printing, you need to allot for the time it takes to receive the quotes, process the quotes, and the time between submitting the files to the printer and delivery.

What happens if I don't supply identical specifications to the external print vendor, or the specifications change after I sent them to the vendors or after they've submitted a quote?

You must resubmit the specifications to the vendors and request a quote based on the new identical specifications. If a vendor has already submitted a quote, they will need to submit a new quote based on the final identical specifications.