Event Calendar Process and Policies

Event Calendar System

The School is currently using the University's Event Calendar system (events.uconn.edu) for submitting, maintaining and advertising the School's events. The UConn Event Calendar system is a free calendaring tool for any University of Connecticut program, department or group.

This tool:

  • is a central location for submitting events to multiple calendars within the School and across the University for consistency and cross-promotion
  • streamlines event calendar management as there will only be one place to submit and edit event details
  • allows for anyone with a NetID to submit an event
  • allows for event approval by the calendar's admin/manager before being broadcast to that calendar
  • will automatically display events on that program/department's sidebar event calendar
  • allows users to subscribe to get events in a weekly email, RSS feed or through an iCal subscription
  • will push your events to the School's Office of Communications so that any further promotion (e.g. submission to other calendars, articles and press) can be pursued

School of Business Calendars

  • School of Business
  • Accelerate UConn
  • Accounting Department
  • Alumni (School of Business)
  • Business Career Center
  • Business Connections House
  • Business Diversity
  • Center for Real Estate and Urban Economic Studies
  • Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Connecticut Small Business Development Center
  • Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities
  • Executive MBA
  • Finance Department
  • Full-time MBA Program
  • Graduate Business Association
  • Graduate Business Programs (Recruitment)
  • Graduate Business Students
  • Graduate Entertainment & Media Association|Graduate Entertainment & Media Association
  • Management Department
  • Marketing Department
  • Multicultural Business Society
  • Operations and Information Management - OPIM
  • OPIM Innovate
  • Part-time MBA Program
  • Ph.D. Program (School of Business)
  • Student Managed Fund
  • Undergraduate Advising Office (School of Business)
  • Workforce Capacity Development

Request a Calendar

In order to have your calendar displayed on the School's website and also have events submitted to the Office of Communications, please contact communications@business.uconn.edu to request a new calendar before contacting the University Events Calendar.

Removing a Calendar

If you have a calendar listed above but no longer use or wish to use an event calendar for your website, contact communications@business.uconn.edu to request deletion. 

If a calendar is not used for a year, that calendar may be deleted by UITS.

Submitting Events

Please use the Event Submission Form in order to submit new events to School of Business calendars.

Alternatively, and especially if your event is not owned by a School of Business entity, you can submit an event directly through the University's calendar system.

  1. Go to events.uconn.edu
  2. Click on Submit Event
  3. Log-in using your NetID (Find your NetID)
  4. Fill out all event details
  5. Submit Event 

When you submit an event, the event will send an email to the Admin and Managers of the selected calendars. The Admin/Manager will then have to approve that event before it appears anywhere.

Editing Events

Only admin/managers of the primary calendar for that event can edit that event.

If you are an admin/manager of event's primary calendar, just log-in to the Control Panel, choose your calendar and event and edit it. The edits will be automatically approved on your calendar.

If you are not an admin/manager for the event's primary calendar, contact the admin for the primary calendar to request changes. A list of admins can be found at http://events.uconn.edu/contact.

The edits will show on all instances where that calendar is displayed.

The edited event will need to be re-approved by the calendars it is submitted to before it is displayed again.

Event Details

Event Description
Please use the event description area to (1) briefly describe your event and; (2) include your target audience (undergraduate, graduate, alumni, by-invitation-only). 

Calendar (primary)
If you do not admin/manage a calendar and if your event is applicable to be broadcast to the entire School, please choose the calendar "School of Business" as the primary calendar. If not, please add the event to the most appropriate calendar. Admins and managers of the primary calendar will be able to edit your event. If you are an admin/manager for your calendar, please choose your calendar as the primary; this will allow you to be able to edit your event submission after submittal. 

Calendar (secondary)
You may select to add the event on up to five (5) other calendars, which can be within the School or across the University.  You can also select the main School of Business calendar here if it is not your primary calendar.

UConn Master Calendar
You may check this box to have your event featured on the Master Calendar.

Events that are NOT open to a general audience

All events regardless of audience should be posted to the calendar. This includes:

  • By Invitation Only (e.g. Hall of Fame)
  • Members Only (e.g. club meetings)
  • Paid events (e.g. some alumni events)
  • Events only for specific audiences (e.g. student events, alumni events, MBA events).

When posting a closed event, it is very important to clearly who the audience is (e.g. "This event is by invitation only. Please contact ____ for more details.").  You may wish to withhold certain details (e.g. specific location, registration page link).

By posting your event to the calendar, you are not inviting people reading the calendar to the event. You are just advertising that the event is happening.    This serves to:

  • give information to the audiences involved
  • show the audience that they are welcome and important to the School
  • show the greater audience that the School is active in a diverse way

Deadlines and Promotional Items as Events

It is appropriate to post a deadline as an event on the calendar. For example: Last day to submit a form, Scholarship Application Deadline, etc. However, if a scholarship  deadline is in a month, it is not appropriate to submit an event each week to promote that scholarship.  The appropriate use of the calendar would be to post an event on the actual deadline date.

Although adding an event to the calendar system does in essence promote and market that event, calendar items should not be used as a promotion or marketing item as is. Calendar items should reference an actual event being held on that date. E.g. a correct calendar item would be "Seminar on How to Use LinkedIn for Business" and not "Join our LinkedIn Group!"

If you would like to promote a news item or marketing piece, please contact the School's Office of Communication at communications@business.uconn.edu for best practices.

Should I submit my event to other calendars?

Submitting your event to other calendars contributes to the cross-promotion of that event.  Other often used secondary calendars include:

  • Student Activities
  • Graduate School
  • UConn Alumni Association
  • Academic Calendar
  • Career Services
  • Community Outreach
  • Stamford Campus
  • Waterbury Campus
  • Other Schools and Colleges: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Health Center, etc.
  • Diversity Groups: African American Cultural Center, Asian American Cultural Center, Puerto Rican Latin American Cultural Center, Rainbow Center, Black Students Association, etc.

I submitted an event, but it doesn’t appear on the website. Why?

When an event is submitted, the admin/manager of that calendar must approve it before it gets added.  If you have just edited an event, that event must go through the approval process again before it is added.

Does the event calendar also provide event planning and management tools?

No, the event calendar is only a place to promote your event. Other details, such as reserving the room or taking event registrants is not handled in this system.