Event Calendars

Submit an Event

UConn faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to fill out the following form to initiate requests for event support through School of Business channels, such as posting events to School of Business online event calendars. Requests can be submitted using this form even before an event is ready to go live with public promotion. A member of our staff will review your submission and follow up accordingly.

Non-business events. If your event is not owned by a School of Business entity, please submit your event using the University's Event Calendar resource at events.uconn.edu.

Display monitor promotion. Once an event is approved on a School of Business calendar, it will automatically feed to the School of Business display monitors' event feed within 30 days of the event date. If you would like to use a custom event promotion slide on these monitors, please fill out a display monitor slide request form to either submit your slide or have a text-only slide created for you. Note: Until further notice, event messages and announcements will not be scheduled on display monitors for the Fall 2018 semester.

Why should you submit your event?

All users are encouraged to add their events to the School's online web calendars in order to:

  • Advertise the variety and frequency of events happening in the School
  • Provide information for those attending the events
  • Coordination and awareness of other School events
  • Get on the production queue for other event promotion vehicles, such as the Display Monitors and Schoolwide newsletters.

What kind of events can be submitted?

Events could include:

  • awards ceremonies, receptions, speakers, deadlines, informational events, etc.
  • open events, member events and by-invitation-only-events for any section of the University community (students, alumni, faculty/staff)

More Information

For more information about the event calendar system, please see our Event Calendar Process guide.

For more information about event promotions in general, please see our Event Promotion guide.